When underground bulk fuel tanks contain moisture and other foreign substances, it impacts fuel quality. Contaminates such as bacteria, loose sediment, and rust clog your tank’s filter and can cause serious problems.

Underground storage tank (UST) fuel contamination can dramatically reduce dispensing rates at the pump and can eat away at steel tanks and other metal components.

More Efficient Pumps with the Tripl3 Filtration™ Process Southern Pump & Tank Company’s Tripl3 Filtration™ Process removes a greater amount of contaminates and reduces filter replacements when compared to current tank cleaning methods.

Our equipment uses a unique combination of fuel filtration systems and high velocity pumps to thoroughly clean the petroleum tank and filter the fuel. Best of all, our process returns useable fuel back to your UST and allows it to remain in service while the UST cleaning service is being performed.

Let Southern Pump & Tank Company reduce your risk of contaminants by working with you to develop a regular maintenance schedule.

The following picture illustrates the results of our Tripl3 Filtration™ Process:

Fuel prior to filtration

Filtered fuel returning
to underground tank