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Cryobox®: Become your own producer of LNG.

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The Galileo Plug and Play Cryobox® Nano Station is the only system you need to become your own producer of LNG. The LNG produced can supply the fuel for your company, whether it’s a heavy transport enterprise, a mining or industry facility, or a remote community far removed from a gas pipeline. Technology and large investment capital requirements won’t be limitations that prevent you from using low CO2 emission LNG over diesel or fuel oil. Cryobox® gives you the ability to produce your own LNG, meeting all environmental requirements even in the fuel-production and storage phases.

Cryobox frontCryobox® can produce up to 7,000 gallons of LNG per day, but the production capacity can be adjusted to your needs. The high-pressure, thermodynamic cycle of the production process converts natural gas to the liquid state as temperatures are reduced. This is a multi-stage compression process which includes a boil-off recovery system that eliminates all gas-venting usually associated with LNG storage. This process prevents gas waste in compliance with all safety and environmental regulations.

Key Features:

  • Designed for immediate connection and start-up
  • Scalability: installation can grow according to changes in demand
  • Low operating costs
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully automated operation
  • Remote monitoring through Global SCADA, Galileo control platform
  • Minimal storage
  • Intrinsically safe with explosion-proof containment
  • Minimal noise and vibrations

Make the switch to clean transportation that carries you further.

Cryobox® turns LNG into a readily available and financially convenient source of clean fuel, but there are more benefits than just the obvious. LNG has superior energy density compared to any Diesel substitute, which means more low-cost fuel and further distances in the same tank. That’s what makes LNG the ideal solution for heavy, long-distance transport such as heavy trucks, buses, ships, barges, ferries, and railroad locomotives, where long distances need to be covered and refueling opportunities are scarce.

Just Plug & Play to enjoy the benefits of LNG.

What makes Cryobox® such a unique system is the fact that it packages all the capabilities of a large scale LNG plant into one compact and transportable unit. Like all Galileo compressor systems, its basic features include modularity, low weight, economic transportation, and ease of installation. Cryobox® can be transported anywhere by a trailer for immediate connection and start-up. Due to its packaged configuration, the system can be installed in a fueling station and connected to a gas distribution pipeline. Also, it can be installed at the wellhead of a natural gas field, creating an additional environmental benefit by converting contaminating vented gas into a value-added liquid fuel.

As a bonus, get CNG for urban mobility.

Cryobox® has the alternate capacity to supply CNG for your local fleet of vehicles or for retail fueling, allowing for maximum uptime and additional revenue. This dual mode capacity does not require installation of additional CNG compression components.


SPATCO Energy Solutions Completes Install on First N.A. Galileo Cryobox for Terra Energy

Released: April 4, 2016

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