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CNG Fueling Systems


Cryobox front
The Galileo Plug and Play Microbox is a revolutionary CNG refueling station unlike any other. The Microbox is unique because it contains all the components required to regulate, measure, compress, and dispense CNG in the most safe and effective manner. It’s easy to install and start-up is simple, requiring only a connection to utility services. The Microbox can deliver as low as 3.7 GGE/min and as high as 8.6 GGE/min depending on the inlet pressure. The Microbox is compact and portable, allowing for ease of expansion and relocation whenever necessary.


  • Minimized construction costs and installation time
  • Unmatched performance and operating costs
  • Compact footprint
  • Wide range of inlet pressures from 0.1 to 60 bars
  • Explosion-proof cabinet makes bunker construction unnecessary


Cryobox frontThe Nanobox is a system ideal for small fleets and medium sized CNG fueling stations. This system integrates compression, storage, and CNG dispensers into a single unit, providing all the components necessary to efficiently compress natural gas and refuel vehicles. CNG production for the Nanobox can be as low as .6 GGE/min and as high as 1 GGE/min depending on the inlet pressure. Like the Microbox, installation and start-up for the Nanobox are simple. No special electrical installation, power transformers, or external panels are required.


  • Fast, easy and low cost installation
  • High return on investment
  • Compact footprint
  • Time-fill: refill 30-250 vehicles per day
  • Wide range of inlet pressures
  • Simple, low cost preventative maintenance
  • Safe and reliable solution
  • Register and internet-transmission of commercial, technical, and audit data
  • “New Galileo Technologies Brand Captures Scope of CNG, LNG Work”

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