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About SPATCO NG Solutions

SPATCO NG Solutions is committed to the future of responsible energy use throughout North America and to our role in helping reduce carbon emissions through clean, safe, and affordable energy uses. That’s why we’ve partnered with Galileo Technologies to offer a complete line of natural gas fueling systems.

Our enclosed, explosion-proof systems save major construction costs and delays that are typical of other designs. We offer a full line of fast-fill and time-fill refueling products with proven performance in a compact footprint. We also provide gas-conditioning solutions such as drying or odorizing plants. Every Galileo system is UL, ISO 9001, and ISO 15500 certified.

We offer turnkey development of retail and commercial fueling facilities, as well as custom design and build capabilities. In-house electrical and engineering departments work with you to determine the most profitable and efficient approach to your project. Additionally, our experienced and certified service technicians are located throughout the U.S. to assist with your installation, service, and maintenance needs.

Whether you have a small private fleet, municipal bus system, or retail fueling facility, we can help you make the transition to natural gas vehicles. From equipment selection to installation and start up, SPATCO NG Solutions is your trusted resource for best-in-class compression, regulation, and natural gas transportation equipment.


SPATCO Energy Solutions Completes Install on First N.A. Galileo Cryobox for Terra Energy

Released: April 4, 2016

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