The Industrial Division of Southern Pump & Tank is a comprehensive pump and system supplier, offering liquid handling equipment to paper mills, manufacturing and chemical plants, food processing facilities, and other industries that store, pump, mix, and meter liquids.

We also specialize in the repair and re-building of pumps, meters, and rotary gear. We provide failure/wear analysis and complete shop capabilities.

In-Field Pump Evaluation Service

Quality pump service begins with a thorough and competent inspection of the pump. And our field technicians have years of experience working with industrial pumps. After dis-assembling the pump, we look at wear that has occurred and determine if parts need to be replaced or refurbished. Depending on the cost and availability, many parts can be refurbished and brought back to “as new” tolerances, at a much lower cost than replacing the part.

Our goal is to provide the most cost efficient and
effective solution to your problems, optimizing your
Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR).

Shop Capabilities

Machining: Shafts, rotors, wearing rings, and other parts are restored to “as new” tolerance and specs at a much lower cost than replacement.

Plating: Applied up to 0.030”, restoring tolerances on shafts and bearing housings, inhibiting corrosion, reducing friction, and improving wear.

Metallizing: This process of adding a metal coating to a non-metal surface provides a denser surface for increased wear resistance.

Balancing: Balanced rotating parts are critical to vibration-free performance. SPATCO can balance impellers and rotating assemblies to ISO Balancing Grade 6.3 or better.

Southern Pump & Tank also designs and assembles custom systems specific to the customer’s unique application. These custom systems are designed and built to order in our Charlotte, NC shop using duplex or triplex configurations.

We are Authorized Distributors for the Following Industrial Product Lines: